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We deliver unprecedented detection capabilities to our customers within IoT and Industry 4.0 to continually ensure that their assets are working optimally and are not compromised by a malicious actor.


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How It Works

1. Access your datasource

This can be multiple streams of raw data from sensors, aggregated data in a database, or data streamed to the cloud. We work with almost any source of data.

2. Define what data represents optimal system behavior

We work a bit differently. We analyze your system with our patented technology and find exactly what a normal behavior looks like.

3. Dynamic detection of threats, faults, and anomalies

Since we figured out exactly how your system operates, we can now identify with unprecedented precision when something starts to go wrong. We can even detect completely new forms of threats, faults and anomalies that have not been encountered before.

4. Act, don’t react

With insight comes power. Our promise is that we offer the earliest detection of a system anomaly you can get on the market. This gives you an unparalleled opportunity to act instead of being forced to react in response to a sudden event, thereby building trust and reliability for you and your organization.

Our Unique Benefits

Our Cases

Securing Smart Vehicles

In one of our cases, we adapted our system to detect attacks on modern vehicles by monitoring the in-vehicle network. When vehicles are connected to the Internet and can be accessed by remote technology, they become vulnerable to cyber-attacks. Cyber incursions may be led by motivated hackers, competing companies, countries engaged in corporate espionage, or even disgruntled employees.  Such attacks pose a great threat not only to the people inside the vehicle, but also to the reputation of the automaker. For this application, our solution  was able to detect all types of known attacks on vehicles including stealthy attacks, which are designed to go unnoticed.

Monitoring IIoT Assets

While industrial internet-of-things implementations can vastly improve operational
efficiency in many sectors, they also give rise to new attack surfaces and put critical
assets at risk if not properly protected. Virtually anything can become vulnerable to
cyber-attacks, from high-value assets or services, process control systems, to critical
business and operational data. Our system was adapted to continuously monitor
a manufacturing process to detect deviations or intrusions affecting the process
behavior. Our solution provided not only an increased security against attacks, but
also invaluable analytical insights into the performance of the machinery.

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